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My name is Jamie, also known as Sat Avtar Kaur in the Kundalini Yoga and mantra singing world. Yup, I sing too (a recent discovery, never let a dream or a talent go to waste). It is never too late to start working towards your most sought after goals and desires. In fact, you don’t have any more time to lose before you go after what you REALLY want.

One of the things I love to do is empower strong, savvy, smart women to be tech, design and marketing savvy – so you can build the online business of your dreams. These are all important skills every self-employed professional needs these days.

My 20 years of design victories (and failures) have taught me a few things. We will take the freeway to your victories (and bypass the long winding road).

You don’t have to have a graphic design school degree to make beautiful design magic – I don’t have one. My degree is in fashion design, and I bet you like me have some skill and training that will support you in business or being creative. You don’t need to have gone to ivy league business school to have your own super successful business. All you need motivation, patience, focus, and trust together and you’ve got your own magic spell!

My journey started when I could hold a crayon and scribble all over the walls, much to my mothers dismay. I never stopped doing this (you should have seen my walls through college).

I am not shy about talking about my challenges – because they show others that you can overcome and learn from them. Thats where my creativity and Kundalini Yoga practice come in.

I became a Kundalini Yoga teacher to share with others the power of this profound practice. Really, meditation is where its at. You need to get to know YOU if your going to succeed.

After many years of not pursuing the things I really wanted out of fear – I broke through that wall and started singing, acting and pursuing my own online business. I wanted to travel the world, help uplift people, and be a musician that created beautiful music, and a DJ that traveled the world. I wrote down these goals – and one by one achieved them.

I am sitting here typing this from Germany, while I work on my album, and edit meditation videos for my online yoga and empowerment studio Aquarian Yogi.

Lets create your own beautiful brand, that is bountiful and blissful.

You Have A Destiny

Trust Your Heart and Soul

Will Take You There

I  Never Gave Up…

There is this voice that speaks to me, nudging me on to do things, go after dreams I think are out of reach. Sometimes the chatter of my doubts and fears is so loud I can barely hear this voice.

Several years ago I was a costume designer in Hollywood – which was creative and at times compelling, but it wasn’t lighting up my heart. I had always wanted to do other things that I never pursued – because this teacher, and that family member said it wasn’t realistic. I was very sick at the time too, which made even getting out bed some days nearly impossible.

Even when the Universe delivered opportunities to me I doubted myself. I only half heartedly believed I was worth it.

But one day I sold almost everything I owned and bowed to a higher power and asked for help. It wasn’t always easy, but step by step I began a new chapter. I took the classes I always wanted to, took yoga teacher training, began to little by little gain control of my health. 

Today I find myself doing and pursuing things Iv wanted most in my life since I was a little girl. I am recording and producing my first album as a singer. Iv started an acting career. I am finally a Kundalini Yoga teacher after 16 years of waiting. I have built my own online wellness and empowerment studio and have a thriving design and consultation business.

It is never too late to go after and grab hold of your dreams.

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My energy healing practice and yoga business is growing and flourishing in ways that I would never have been able to achieve without Jamie's design and coaching.
Chandradev Kaur
Yoga Teacher and Healer
Thank you Sat Avtar! Her branding course and coaching have been amazingly helpful and inspirational!
Amanda Peaslee
Beautifier / Pure
Sat Avtar has brought out my focus for my brand and website. She is in tune with exactly what I want to convey and is very supportive. Working with her has been so helpful for me to take the next steps.
Yoga Teacher
Sat Avtar has helped me take it to the next level. She has taught me to prioritize, work efficiently, own my marketing and define my goals. I feel empowered and in control. My energy healing practice and yoga business is growing and flourishing in ways that I would never have been able to achieve without her design and coaching. She challenged me to ask the deep questions and help me find the answers. She's not only helped my business but has also helped me personally.
Yoga Teacher and Healer
From the moment I sent Jamie a message I knew that the dream, visions, and goals for my healing & yoga business were in supportive, loving and creative heart and hands. Every day emails, messages, photos, video messages back and forth staying connected with the project. I chose this beautiful, talented and professional lady to do my logo, because I knew she would get what I wished for all my life. She went way above the call of service. Her overall love, passion and dedication to support me has made me see more clearly the journey my business will take moving forward.
Amanda Friel
Yoga Teacher / Ray of Light
I spent quality time and shared input with Jamie! She is intuitive, and guided the creation on every detail! I’m very pleased with the outcome, her design has had a great positive effect on my business!
Monica Flores
Teacher / Soul Flower Healing
Jamie did a beautiful job on my logo for my healing practice. She worked with me on exactly what I wanted and was very fast. I absolutely love my logo!!
Jane Stenvig
Massage Therapist / Soul Harmony Healing

Getting you where you want to go is my priority.

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